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Important Dates

December 8 – 601/602 Chorus & 605/606 Dance Showcase @9:30 am
December 9 – End of 1st Marking Period
December 21 -SLT Meeting @ 5pm; Holiday Showcase featuring 7th/8th Chorus and Dance Majors @ 6 pm
December 26- December 30 – Winter Recess School Closed
January 3 – Classes Resume

A message from Ms. Miller & Ms. Bernstein

Ms. Miller and Ms. Bernstein are here to support students through any ongoing Social and Emotional challenges that may arise. They are available in Room 310.


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6th Grade

Numeric and Algebraic Expressions

At the end of the unit the students will be able to:

· Understand and Represent Exponents

· Find the Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple

· Write and Evaluate Numerical Expressions

· Write Algebraic Expressions

· Evaluate Algebraic Expressions

· Generate Equivalent Expressions

· Simplify Algebraic Expressions

7th Grade

Analyze and Solve Percent Problems

At the end of the unit the students will be able to:

· Analyze Percents of Numbers

· Connect Percent and Proportion

· Represent and Use the Percent Equation

· Solve Percent Change and Percent Error Problems

· Solve Markup and Markdown Problems

· Solve Simple Interest Problems

8th Grade/Algebra

Introduction to Functions (continued from November)

At the end of the unit the students will be able to:

· Find the domain and range of a function and identify restrictions in real-world situations

· Evaluate functions and interpret the results in real-life contexts

· Graph functions by making an input/output table

Linear Functions and Equations

At the end of the unit the students will be able to:

·   Graph arithmetic sequences and interpret that this type of sequence is linear

·   Graph the sequences from each pattern rule

·   Calculate and interpret slope and intercepts from the graph, from a table,

·   Write, graph, and describe a linear relationship in slope-intercept form

·   Write, graph, and describe linear relationships in point-slope form

·   Write linear relationships in standard forma and convert to slope-intercept form

·  Predict how a graph of a linear function will be transformed when the equation is changed

· Determine if a function is linear or non-learn by analyzing a graph, table or an equation



Art Electives

Please note that beginning December 13th the sixth grade classes will begin new electives for the 2nd marking period. The 7th and 8th grade will continue their study in their respective majors.

STEM (Mr. Burnworth)

6th Grade

 Students are designing and developing board games using physical and digital fabrication

7th/8th Grade Majors

Students are building portfolios.  Each student will spend two weeks  developing projects with different technology that we have in our  STEM room. The technology we have available are: laser cutter, vinyl cutter, robots, and Ultimaker 3D printers and micro controllers! We are looking forward to sharing pictures of their projects. We are learning about green energy through studying solar power. We will be using our knowledge of electricity to better understand our communities electrical needs. We will also use the skills we learned in our 7th grade portfolio rounds to think about how we can use tech to lower our impact on the environment.

Chorus (Ms. Kahn)

6th Grade

On December 8th, 601 and 602 will perform their first concert, wrapping up the term. We will then welcome two new 6th grade classes to chorus.

7th/8th Grade Majors

On December 21st at 6pm, the 7th and 8th grade chorus majors will perform in the annual Winter Concert, the first since 2019! They will be performing repertoire such as “El rio,” “Wade in the Water,” “The Lake Isle of Innisfree,” and even a special combined piece with the 7th grade dance and chorus majors. We hope to see you there!

Graphic Arts (Ms. Eisenberg)

6th Grade

Classes 601 and 602 are working on completing a digital painting assignment using Adobe Photoshop. The students learned how to draw and paint a self-portrait of themselves using Adobe Photoshop and Wacom drawing tablets. They learned the definition of a self-portrait, and how to paint shading in an artwork to look three-dimensional. The students learned how self-portraits can be both realistic and abstract in style. They observed self-portrait artwork dating back to the 16th Century through to the 21st Century.

7th Grade Majors

 Students have been learning about product design, packaging design, and advertising. They are working on completing a three-part design project. Through research and writing they studied the history and brand identity of the company named Ray Ban. Like a real graphic designer, they were given the challenge of designing a new line of Rare Prints sunglasses by Ray Ban. The sunglass design needed to be based off of a theme. The students learned to design patterns both by hand and digitally that focused on the principles of design. Currently, they are in the stages of learning how to market and brand their sunglasses. They learned how to create packaging design. They designed a two-dimensional box for their sunglasses that was printed, cut, scored, and glued together by hand to make a three-dimensional box. The students studied advertising and are designing an advertisement that brings awareness about their sunglasses to consumers. The ads can be displayed both as print and online. All three parts of the project focused on color theory, scale, texture, typography, and literacy.

8th Grade Majors

The eighth-grade graphic arts majors will be introduced to the style of Pop Art and the artist named Andy Warhol. They will learn about propaganda artwork and how the Pop Art era emerged during the 1950’s followed by the aftermath of WWII. The students will design a vector Pop Art portrait that focuses on a world issue or social justice topic. They will use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to create a vector portrait in the style of Andy Warhol. They will study the color theory process of Warhol, and how the use of repetition in his artworks referred to big businesses and consumerism

Visual Arts (Ms. Herrity)

6th Grade

Visual Art:  Had a wonderful time and will be sad to say farewell to 603 and 604! You did an incredible job on your still life project! Greetings to my new students in 6th grade for the 2nd marking period! I’m excited for our time together and looking forward to learning and creating with you in the art room. We’ll start off our journey by learning that drawing is a SKILL and can be learned! It is not a magical ability. We’ll be making notebooks for class together and will be learning the procedures in the classroom so that classes can run smoothly as we move forward. Students will be learning about the 7 Elements of Art and the Principles of Art as well as how to peer-critique. Parents – please review your child’s art folder and notebook with them often to encourage their learning – you might just also learn some things, too!

7th Grade Majors

Visual Art majors are becoming pros with perspective drawing technique – mastering both 1 and 2-point perspective. Students are working on developing a story of the future and then will be creating a large ink and watercolor painting that depicts a scene from their story. In class we’ve been learning to use and control a penholder, nib, and waterproof black india ink. Creating value scales of marks: stipple, hatch, cross-hatch, and then applying these techniques to real life examples. Watercolor techniques will be explored as well before the project gets going!

8th Grade Majors

Visual Art majors in 8th grade just wrapped up a sculptural mask project and will be moving into a drawing project that focuses on the equal importance of negative space to positive space. Students will be drawing a stool or a chair by drawing the “empty” spaces in and around the form. Sketchbook homework will return for 2nd marking period and will be assigned and due on a bi-weekly basis

Theater (Ms. DiRenzo)

6th Grade

As we close out the first marking period of Theater, we cap off the following units of study:
6th Grade- 603 & 604: We will combine our studies of ensemble building and stage composition with an introduction to Greek Mythology. Students will work in 4 groups to read and analyze a Greek Myth of their choice and cooperatively write their own play based on the events in the myth. ***New classes will begin our time together building our ensemble through theater games and learning the new routines of the Theater Studio.

7th Grade Majors

Students are currently studying and practicing the skills of improvisation through games and scene work. Improvisation is a process by which we may choose to create theater which is unscripted and unrehearsed. We will use this process in the future to create our own pieces inspired by the 7th grade experience.

8th Grade Majors

As we close out our Audition Prep unit, we are recording auditions tapes in class for students to submit. We will then begin our literature study of Sophocles’ Antigone in preparation for the Theater Design Unit where students in small groups will design and produce a scene from the play.

science experiment



6th Grade

Current Topic: Energy
EQ: How does Energy play a role in our everyday lives?
1. Distinguishing between the two main types of Energy
2. Describe the Law of Conservation of Energy
3. Identify different Energy Transformations

Activities :
1. The Come Back Can: To Demonstrate the Law of Conservation and Energy Transformations
2. Kinetic Energy: Mass and Speed
3. Different Forms of Energy

7th Grade

Organic Chemistry

Students will continue their study in organic chemistry.  We will look at various biochemical processes with a focus on the anabolism (the synthesis of complex molecules in living organisms from simpler ones together with the storage of energy) and catabolism  (the breakdown of complex molecules in living organisms to form simpler ones, together with the release of energy) of  macromolecules (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids).  Students will also examine the structure and function of various enzymes, acids and bases and the role they play in the biochemical processes of living things. 

8th Grade

Genetics and Biotechnology

The unit of study for December is “Genetics and Biotechnology.”   In this unit, students will understand the role and structure of DNA (hereditary material in human and most other organisms) and RNA (essential in various biological roles in coding, decoding, regulation and expression of genes)  and how proteins are synthesized.   Students will be able to describe the basic structure of a chromosome , the DNA molecule, and the nucleotide subunits.  Students will also develop an understanding of DNA codes and patterns.  They will also be discussing the process of DNA replication and explain how errors in replication may cause mutations.



The BOOK FAIR is on for December 8th, 9th, and 10th. It will be both virtual and in-person.

6th Grade

Students will begin a new unit of study on Prehistory and Early Civilization that explores the question, “How do people adapt to their environment?”  They will identify and apply the five elements of geography to their own community and the lives of early people.  They will closely read a range of informational texts to understand why the Agricultural Revolution was a turning point in history. 

7th Grade

Students will finish reading the historical fiction novel, Chains.    The main character is a thirteen-year-old slave girl on a quest to obtain freedom for herself and her sister.  Students will identify a theme on one of the big ideas discussed throughout the novel.   They will write a literary essay developing the theme selected with valid inferences and supporting text evidence.

8th Grade

Eighth grade students will begin reading Steinbeck’s novel, Of Mice and Men.  Students will apply the background information learned last month about the Great Depression to help them understand the setting in the novel.   The unit explores the question, “How important are hopes and dreams in life?”  Students will analyze the obstacles the setting presents in the lives of the characters and the impact on their hopes and dreams.



8th Grade only

8th Grade

Students will be finishing up work on a project in which they will develop an informational brochure about one of the over 30 Francophone (French-speaking) countries in order to better understand cultural products, practices and perspectives.
We will also begin a thematic unit based around pastimes, likes and dislikes.

self portraits

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