Key Points for the High School Application

Good news! The high school application deadline is extended to Friday, March 11.

NOTE: the info below was originally posted as a Google Doc: High School Update from Ms. Miller

Key point’s for February Break in regards to the High School Application Process:

  • The new deadline to submit your high school application is Friday, March 11
  • The deadline to register for LaGuardia High School auditions is Friday, March 11
  • The date for submitting virtual auditions or other additional materials is Friday, March 11


  • If your child is applying to Nest + M please be aware that they have added an additional screening to their admissions requirement.  Following are the details:
  • Rank NEST+m on MySchools application
  • Complete the NEST+m Online Admissions Activity
  • See the rubric being used to grade the Activity
  • Submit your work using the Google Submission Form


  • Borough and zone priorities remain in place / District priorities are eliminated
  • Continuing Schools’ priorities remain in place (6-12)
  • Common audition arts component
  • Attendance is not a factor in admissions
  • SHSAT offers released before HS application & LaGuardia offers

Virtual and in person auditions:

All auditions take place remotely (some schools have an in-person option). Submit audition files through the Additional Materials in Myschools by March 1, 2022.

How to submit materials:

How to sign up for LaGuardia auditions. 

Families have reported that using Chrome works best.

  1. Sign into MySchools:
  2. Go to student’s dashboard.
  3. Click on Specialized High School.
  4. On upper left of screen, click on LaGuardia.
  5. Sign up for the audition or auditions.

Assessments for Screened Schools:

Applying to Consortium Schools

Applying to Consortium Schools cont.

  • School of the Future High School
  • Beacon High School
  • University Heights Secondary School

Random Assigned Numbers and Ranked Numbers Explained:

Diversity in Admissions Information:

What makes a balanced application?

  • 12 programs you want to attend.
  • Not only high-demand program
  • Mix of admissions methods
  • Your child is in the first priority group for some programs
  • Only apply to programs that you want your child to attend

Preference Order of Programs:

  • List programs in your true order of preference, starting with your top choice.
  • High schools cannot see the order of programs on your child’s application.
  • Students are considered for offers in the order of the programs on their application.
  • If you do not get into your first choice, then you are considered for the next choice. It’s as though the next choice is your new first choice.
  • 97% of students who listed 12 programs = offer from application

Admissions information and videos

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