Student Art Gallery

Student Art Gallery

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Watch the Virtual Tour of our Arts Programs above, and watch video showcases of our students’ artwork and performances below.

Musical Theater

This after school program presents an annual school musical — which is a treat beyond compare. A collaboration among the dance, theater, and chorus programs, this opportunity is open to ALL students across grades. 

Legally Blonde
Mamma Mia


Launched in 2000, the comprehensive dance program grounds students in a range of dance techniques and genres, with opportunities to perform and create original dance works.

New Voices Dance Production
New Voices Spring Dance Show


The school’s chorus program has the goal of ultimately stopping students from saying “I can’t sing.” A comprehensive, scaffolded program, beginning in the 6th grade, brings singers to a level of musical, singing, and performance ability that helps them decide whether to choose chorus as their major in 7th grade.

Zoom Gali Gali
We’re All In This Together
New Voices Chorus Production
The Star Spangled Banner
I See Stars
The Sound of Silence


The theater program not only nurtures the talent of those who aspire to become performers or theater professionals, but also gives students the confidence to stand in front of and perform before groups of any size.

New Voices Student Scene Study Production

Graphic Arts

The graphic arts program teaches students to express their ideas visually. It invites students to communicate ideas through STEM and the principles of art and design.

Students learn the design process of researching, sketching, design, revision, and presentation. Students use the Adobe software, design Apps and STEM software, including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Pro Create, Scratch, Tinkercad and iMovie.

Students learn 2D and 3D design and graphic motion animation. 

8th Grade Shopping Bag Design – 2022
Graphic Arts Student Work
New Voices Graphic Arts Show
New Voice Graphic Arts Animation Project
Animation & Web Design


Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Stop Motion Animation Project 1
Stop Motion Animation Project 3
Stop Motion Animation Project 2

Visual Arts

The visual arts program grounds students in foundational arts skills and knowledge that will lead them to create unique work using a variety of mediums and styles.

New Voices Student Artwork

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