Classroom Pet

        Lil-Boots is a girl whose preferred pronouns are she/her. Lil-Boots is only 6 months old. This is just the beginning of her journey. Lil-Boots enjoys eating crickets, roaches, worms, etc… She must be fed everyday and cleaned everyday. Since she is so little, we can’t make much noise because she gets scared easily. She doesn’t really like being picked up since she’s still trying to adapt to the habitat. Therefore, she just tries to run away. Lil-Boots must be in a warm habitat; not too cold or and not too hot. Sometimes Lil-Boots just looks at herself in the tank thinking there is another Lil-Boots. 

                       ¡BIENVENIDOS LIL-BOOTS!

Lil-Boots es una niña cuyos pronombres preferidos son ella/ella. Lil-Boots solo tiene 6 meses. Este es solo el comienzo de su viaje. Lil-Boots disfruta comiendo grillos, cucarachas, gusanos, etc. Debe ser alimentada todos los días y limpiada todos los días. Como es tan pequeña, no podemos hacer mucho ruido porque se asusta fácilmente. No le gusta mucho que la carguen ya que todavía está tratando de adaptarse al hábitat. Por lo tanto, ella solo trata de huir. Lil-Boots debe estar en un hábitat cálido; ni demasiado frío ni demasiado caliente. A veces, Lil-Boots simplemente se mira a sí misma en el tanque pensando que hay otro Lil-Boots.

Martha Flores,

New Voices Student.

Welcome Lil Boots!

The students of Ms. Hart’s Humanities room are excited to announce the arrival of our new class pet Lil boots!  Lil boots is a baby bearded dragon, and 601 and 602 will take turns to help take care of her. She has recently been moved into her cage/ terrarium, which is in a corner of  room 203.. We’re all so excited to have lil boots in our community! 

Why Class Pets Are Helpful (Especially Lil’ Boots)

Something that teachers struggle with is finding a way to make learning fun. Students don’t find most lessons too interesting but, if you phrase lessons around your pet it’s a great way to stimulate learning. “Creative writing assignments that start with a prompt about the school pet can get interesting and exciting. Science lessons about different types of animals come to life with a school pet. Any subject can be transformed into something new and interesting with a class pet.” -Western Governors University. Also, having an animal or pet can calm or soothe the students in the classroom and help relieve them from the stress that schoolwork causes them. “74% of pet owners in the U.S report an improvement in mental health due to their animal/s…,Hospitals and therapy centers alike utilize animals to help make children and adults feel more relaxed. A pet in a classroom can provide a similar sense of peace and calm.” -Western Governors University. In a community that tries to relieve stress off their students this is the perfect decision. Also, you might be asking ‘what if my students get distracted by the pet?’ But, in my experience Lil’ Boots is not distracting in any sort of way  and because she is a beautiful lizard she doesn’t make a lot of noise or knock anything over in her tank. And, students seem to be less rowdy because they’re scared of scaring or hunting the lizard. 

Read about class pet benefits here:

What You Can do to help:

Our school community would really appreciate all donations and help that you can give! All of it will be appreciated, and it’s guaranteed to be fun! 

You can … 

  • Bring toys (appropriate for the bearded dragon, small)
  • Help rinse water dish
  • Feed/donate protein, insects
  • Poop needs to be cleaned out                                            
  • Clean salad bowl
  • Refresh salad bowl
  • Bring water 
  • Adjust temperature 
  • Keep humidity level
  • Spray with water daily (remove dry skin)

You can talk to Ms. Hart in room 203 if you have any questions, or if you would like to donate/help.

8 Tips For Feeding and Caring For Baby Bearded Dragons


Monday & Friday: 602

Tuesday & Wednesday: 601

Thursday alternate.

Lil boots is such. a fun addition to our classroom! We are so excited to have her here and appreciate any donations to help her be as comfortable as possible! She will bring much joy to our classroom as well as stimulating the learning environment.

By Violet Randall, Billie Wiess, and Paloma Timony