About Us

Welcome to New Voices M.S. 443

New Voices Middle School was established to provide 6th-8th graders with a challenging educational environment in which instruction in core academic subjects is infused with and enhanced by the integration of the visual and performing arts.

Our Philosophy

The school’s philosophy centers on the arts as a mechanism for the enhancement of students’ artistic passions and talents, intellect, creative innovation, and self-discipline. Unlike other selective middle schools, where students are admitted based on an existing talent, New Voices accepts students who want to develop an artistic specialty.

All of the arts programming aligns with the NYC DOE Blueprint for Teaching and Learning, and supports the Common Core Learning Standards in ELA and Math. 

The school is inclusive, catering to students at varied academic levels and those with special learning needs. In each academic, there is a collaborative team teaching class, with two teachers on every grade level who address students’ specific different learning needs and styles.

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