2021-2022 Supply Lists

6th Grade Supply List 2021-2022 Mathematics 2 large composition notebooks (one to be stored for later use) 1 plastic folder Humanities 1 composition notebook 1 plastic folder Science 1 large composition notebook 1 plastic folder Dance Small Composition notebook Theater Small Composition notebook folder Chorus Folder STEM Folder Graphic Arts Folder General Supplies Zippered pencilContinue reading “2021-2022 Supply Lists”

NIA After School Enrollment

Open enrollment for Grades 6-8 Monday – Friday 2:30-5:30pm 33 18th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215 Free Remote Activities & Events:  Marvel Studios, Graphic Arts, Storytelling, Leadership, Art, Yoga, Team Tech, GSA, Homework Help + exciting events like the upcoming Virtual Escape Room!  Registration Steps:  1. Register at bit.ly/nia-afterschool. Instructions for how to apply online. 2. Fill outContinue reading “NIA After School Enrollment”